Monday, 31 October 2011

Journal Journey Ch04

Hello, hello my journal friends. I have decide to make challenge post stick to the top position so please look lower down for new posts, thank you. We had a drop in numbers last month which was a little sad. However, the quality of the work was far from down. I saw all your journal pages and I was really impressed by all your work and how many techniques you all know. This really impressed me a lot. 

So on to the Journal challenge for October. I do hope you will all join in and spread the word, I have a blog button on my side bar if you haven't added it to your blog already. I love Autumn, October is a time of many changes in nature, many colours, leaves and flowers also a time of new birds to take flight to warmer places and others to get ready for the colder weather ahead. So I would like you this month to do a page/spread on:- 

'Nature & Autumn'

So if it's leaves, trees, or birds, flowers, animals (of any kind such as squirrels, dear or foxes) or sky's I really would love to see all the things you associate with Nature & Autumn. This is really a very wide subject, I do this to give you freedom to choose as a journal is so personal to so many. However, if you would like me to give you an additional thing to include my answer is STENCIL use a stencil somewhere in your page/spread. Below is my example to get the inspiration flowing I hope this helps.

I hope you find my journal spread inspirational in some small way, remember I am still learning and getting used to what my very own style will be, so don't be afraid to have a go your self. I hope you decide to pick up an old/new journal and express the nature and colours of Autumn in your very own way. Remember you have a whole month. Love Dawn xx

Please remember to put a link in your post back to this post and when linking your journal page please link to the post not just the blog. As this challenge lasts a month it could be time consuming to find your post. Love Dawn xx

All new posts for October are below this post thank you for looking ;0) if you like any of my post you can now +1 just click on the +1 underneath each post thanks xx

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Pride & Prejudice plus lavender

This is one of the most simple looking pages but I really didn't think it needed anything else. I love it. Every time I go out to charity shops or where ever I always buy (if I see one) a second hand Jane Austin copy of Pride & Prejudice, so you can imagine, I have a few copies, I also have about 3 copies of the BBC version of  Pride & Prejudice, well you never know if one will get lost or damaged. 

Anyway, This is painted in light Neo11s as well as gesso. I then Used another free image, (still using no budget for crafting materials.) this beautiful lavender image which is from The Graphics fairy. I then transfered one to each center of the page using the matt medium technique, finally adding my journaling. Thank you for stopping by. If you can take time to click on the plus one underneath this post or add a comment that would be wonderful. Love Dawn xx

Friday, 28 October 2011

Circus Fun with Paint Party Friday #33

I have been sadly missing from PPF which is a shame because there are always wonderful things to catch up on and the art is simply amazing. I am sharing a journal page this week, not usually my kind of subject but this just grew out of my control and I kinda like how it finished out. keeping up my NIL BUDGET on crafting material is prooving to be rather inspirational lol.  I used a freebie download (the lady with butterfly wings) Some packaging for the back ground (Bubble Wrap) some coloured pencils I haven't used in ages.

This is a stamp set I bought and don't use very often, but it's really fun to get it all inked up lol. I have been collecting old books to use for ripping up, painting and stamping on which I did here with this odd girl with wings. I drew her face/head myself. This is me splashing in puddles ;0)

And this is to represent one of the stars of the show (I wasn't going to start drawing elephants & clowns) I used to go to lots of Circuses when I was really small and they were a wonder to me. That was when they still had animals as well as high wire acts, clowns etc. So this is basically I child hood memory that invited it's self on to the page. I hope you can also join in with the Paint Party Challenge. Love Dawn xx

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Cracking Copper!

Hello journal friends. It's almost the end of the month, why not enter this months Nature/Autumn challenge there is still time;0) and there will be a brand new challenge on the 1st of the month ;0). So to this Journal Spread. I thought I would try some of this paint on my Journal pages and see how it worked. ;0) It worked fine. I love colour and texture, so I try to make sure my pages have both in abundance ;0)

Isn't this Croco paint effective? I have had it ages, I am trying to use things I have lying around as I am on a NIL BUDGET for craft items for this next few months, I have a couple of Birthdays and Christmas coming and my son is at University in London and needs our support, so I am stretch too thin and my craft budget has gone. I think it's a challenge I am going to enjoy, I have plenty of things in I can use and I have an imagination would you like to join in to?  For example on this page I have used left over kitchen roll from clean up. The wings & body image are from a free supermarket magazine, the lady with the top hat was a free download and the music sheet was a greasy marked piece of paper ready for the bin but with a stamp and some ink it is now grungy and useful.


I have also had this frame for about a year. If you want to join in too, just pop by and leave me a comment in whatever post is the most recent and tell me what amazing things you have found in your stash or what you have got for free to make your journal spread. I think it will be inspirational for all of us. We can each stop by and see what you're creating. Love Dawn xx

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Hello my journal buddies. Thank you for stopping by and thank you twice if you commented as well ;0) I wanted to share a personal page with you today. Just to show one of the many reasons I love to journal. It is here for me always and I can put in there my fantasy's and real life. Real life can be joyous and really happy like when my grand son is here. other times it can be difficult as I suffer with Fibromyalgia.

Here is a close up. The words on the left is how I feel every day, the words on the right is how I would like to feel each day lol it's not all bad as I said I have lots to be greatful for and many are far worse of then my self but my journal is for me, and some timed I want to have a winge and it's perfectly OK Love Dawn xx

Monday, 10 October 2011

Autumnal Mushrooms

I thought I would have another spread for Autumn/Fall just to help inspire a little as we don't seem to have many people joining in with the Monthly challenge. This makes me a little sad :0( so I do hope to see more of you joining in. I have reached amazing 60 followers and I want to thank you all for joining in leaving comments and just being there. However I would love to see more of you joining in the challenge I hope this spread inspires you a little.

This started off as just a light coloured spray of colour wash to get rid of the blank space, then I pulled out a stencil and sprayed even more colour wash over that (opening another page reversing the stencil and brayered over it, so the colour wasn't wasted and also another background is already begun for next time ;0) (how cool?) Then to give depth I added the heading and reused some letters to draw round so I could give the appearance that the letters were further back (you can see this clearer in the top photo) Some rub ons and then some fabby stamps from Stampotique (Jo Capper-Sandon) I placed my journaling around the shapes of the mushrooms and that was that. What do you think? Have I convinced you to have a go at the monthly challenge yet? there is still time to play around, Hope to see you back soon. Love Dawn xx