Friday, 27 May 2011

Paint Party Friday

Hi It's late Friday evening, and I wanted to share some little sketches I have been doing in my little sketch book. Some time the ideas make it into a journal or they can inspire other things, this little sketch book is also very personal to me. A lot of things are just for my eyes only but I really wanted to share this with my non-judge-mental bloggy friends. Because, I know just how full of love you all are. ;0)

The first sketch is obvious, kind of. I sketched free hand and then used a mixture of paints and and water colour crayons (I adore my new set yummy 'Carand'ache') I can't even pronouce it. But Easy mane is my neo 2s, and they are perfect. The second is a stamp (one of my very new faves from wood ware) I stamped and then painted and crayoned again. Obviously I created the back ground first, I used some spray paint/ink from Dylusions, (love these too) Any way I am going to have a good look over the weekend at your paint, master, pieces, I honestly find looking at all of your work so inspiring. Love Dawn xx

P.S. I have had a little colour change, to help people see better, I hope this helps, I am always happy of feed back and where I can I will make changes. Thank you my bloggy friends Love. Dawn xx

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Self Love

Hello and good morning people. I have been thinking about starting a positive affirmation/spiritual journal I really like the thought of having a book full of positive things about me (we know all the negative off by heart don't we?) I have to get a journal for it so I thought I would have a play and see how I would start. I am quite proud of this more drawing cool I am watching lots of you tube videos and there are lots of really helpful blogs on my list, if you want to have a good nosey round. We're all here to help & inspire aren't we? ;0) This is actually for a group I belong to called Wild & Precious There are many groups within to join I join two of the many first I joined 52 Pages love this, you can see in my previous post what I created last week for 52 pages & Wild & Precious Art Journaling. They have a title/affirmation to follow each week Last week was 'Regenerate' and this week is 'Self Love' And I had a ball creating this. I will have more from this group next week as I just love what am am being inspired to do.

They are also having an on line course soon (July) if you want to learn more about this and maybe getting a FREE place you can click HERE There is also a link in my side bar if you would like to join the group. I only go on about it because this is a really great group to belong to. (although I am a newbie my self ;0) OK I think I have said enough, back to the art ;0) I have taken a couple of close ups so you can see in more detail (don't look to close I am only learning) So will you be having a go over the week end maybe? don't forget to let me know what you're doing crafting wise. I would love to come have a look. Love Dawn xx

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Has any one else had problems commenting and uploading? Blogger drove me slightly balmy yesterday and most of the morning. OK rant over blogger is back I forgive you ;0) please don't leave me like that again. lol

So some more journalling what else on this blog? ha ha I am happy that your all enjoying the links and some daring to have a go at what can seem really scary at first. I have also joined a new group (link on the side bar) I really love this variety in this group and they love art journaling as well as others ha ha so go and join it's FREE and lots of ideas and inspiration. They have a group (well they have a few;0) but I love the 52 Pages & Wild Precious Art Journaling (which also happens to be the name of the group to join) and each week we have a word or theme last weeks was 'Regenerate' & 52 Pages was 'Stencils' and here is what I came up with.

I wanted to get this shot with the light shining on it so you can see the Gold ink reflecting and I drew it all by myself which is a wee achievement for me. So yes I am still learning and I am trying new things with the journaling so you can have a go as well, be brave you can do it. I thought I may well start a journal challenge and this will be the perfect place for you to experiment and get the support you need at the same time. So don't forget to fill in the poll at the top right, I need your feed back. Love Dawn xx

Sunday, 22 May 2011

April Bird Journal swap

Hello fellow journalling fans ;0). This is the small Journal page for the Bird Swap I belong to each month. So April has been sent and received so I can now share with you. Like January The word we were given was 'Egg' well it was Easter wasn't it ;0) and this is what I made.

Oh can I just add there is a poll to the right hand side at the top. I would love for you to take part as I would really like to do a journal challenge but I really need your feed back thanks.

This did take a while to make as there are quite a few Layers, you can enlarge by clicking on the photo. I can't remember how many stamps I used now but there were quite a few! and there are some images from the graphic fairy  (bird house, eggs & bird) I will put a link in my side bar for the Graphic Fairy I hope you like this page and I hope you will start to share your images with me. Love Dawn xx

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Give Away

This is a sticky please look below for NEW posts

Hello, I have been making things again ;0) These are little books made from one 12 x12 piece of paper, aren't they cute? Well I need some help from you guys and these are a bribe ;0)  So here's my thinking.

If you leave a comment that's one entry but if you post this in your side bar with a link back to me that's another entry, Please leave another comment to let me know you have done this. You don't have to be a follower, I am hoping people will stop by and want to learn about journalling and maybe then become a follower (you know because they wan't to), but people can't stop by if they don't know I am here, so I am counting on the few of you that do know I'm here to help me out ;0) what do  say? This give away is running until 21st May

What you will win is a little book with pockets like this (above). I will leave them empty for you to fill. So, you can put notes in or ATCs etc I thought it would make a nice little thank you gift for letting people know I am here. There will be two winners. Hence two little books, I may even add more winners if there are a lot of entries, These are really fun to make and when you fill them they look super so cute!

Here (above) is one that's almost finished just to give you an idea what can be done with your gift for spreading the word that I'm here. I have added some tags and some ATCs (this isn't finished yet but I wanted to give you an idea) It's nothing major I know, but I hope you think them cute enough to have a go. So others can pop by and find out about journalling. Big thank you's in advance. Love Dawn xx

This give away is now closed thank you to all those who entered the winners are



Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Good Wednesday Morning to you. Not much on my desk this morning, I have some new projects to start the small sketch book I fill with ideas, and the lady with the blue hair is an idea I don't know if she will make it any further than this though. I hope you have a fabby day and if you want to know why I am showing my work space click Here I am off to look at some of your spaces have a lovely day Love Dawn xx

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Sunshine fields

Hello, I have done a double spread and I am really happy with it. It gives me the feeling I wanted, the feeling of the yellow sunshine fields, these flowers are linseed. When I did the poppy journal entry Here I have detailed why I wanted to do this page. I really enjoyed making this sunshine come to life. I am entering this in to Paint Party Friday (PPF) This is a fun place to see lots of paintings and some really wonderful people.

Here's a close up. I may well (not sure yet) do a canvass of this as I did of the poppy journal page. You can find my poppy canvass Here. I am so happy you are all beginning to visit and comment this is really making me very happy. I have put the FREE classes of the Journal work shops available many of you are taking the plunge and many of you who are on the courses are really enjoying it and popping by here to see me. A big thank you for that support.

If you have a look in the side bar (top right)  there is a poll I would love you to participate in. I am thinking of starting a challenge for those of us who like journalling, please let me know what you think about this. Also I have found some other great journal related blogs for you to have a look at. A big thank you for all of you who stop by and those who comment to. Love Dawn xx

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


You may never heard of this even (but I doubt it very much) this is the phenomenon created by the lovely Julia it's all about having a good nosey at other peoples work space and getting tips off each other etc Lots of people join in each week.

I am busy creating a double journal page I do hope you will come back to see it finished. What else is on there in the large photo you can see some tins I made to put all my copics in really liking these. I also bought I vintage stamp cast iron holder (no idea what they are really called) I love it it has real character. Obviously there is my Tim Holts Distress inks. My journal which I am in the middle of creating a field of rapeseed as I have created a field of poppies Here. I do hope you will stop by again to see the finished pages and join in the fun if you love journalling or want to get started then do come back. Love Dawn xx

There is also a give away in a post above please feel free to enter D xx

Monday, 9 May 2011

Poppy Heaven

Hello again. I am really enjoying the journal journey so far. How are your pages coming along? I saw a field full of poppies on a drive to Scarborough last year, poppies as far as the eye could see, it was a beautiful summers day last year and it's stayed with me. I saw some prints in a shop of poppies and this reminded me of that trip last year. It was a wonderful few days away and there are many good memories, like the fields of linseed, they're bright yellow (may have to do one of these to). What memories have you that you can express on  a page? Hope to see some work from you soon. Please don't forget about my little give away on the previous post. Love Dawn xx

Friday, 6 May 2011

Back ground beginings

Hello, how are things in your journal world today? I am loving finding out about journalling. I am taking part in a FREE work shop by Strathmore (link on the right hand side bar) And in WS3 we are just doing back grounds for the first week, above I have used some sprays from Dylusions (I really like these I have to have more) then I used some stencils to create texture there are really a few layers here to make this BKGRD but I am happy with this one for now ;0) You can do as many as you like I did quite a few, I just couldn't stop I was up when the birds were beginning to sing ;0) So nice to witness the sun coming up and nature awaking. Unfortunately I then went to sleep for a couple of hours. So here are just a few I hope you like them. Remember they are not finished it's just the first few layers of a back ground page you can enlarge them to get better details.

There are quite a few layers here already, I have used Dylusions paint and lots of water. then I printed off some images I liked and transferred them to the paper. Followed by more white acrylic paint to make them feel more part of the page.

Here again lots of layers of paints and acrylic white paint to knock it back then more transfers (these didn't work out as well but that's fine, because I added even more layers of paint and then stamped with inks then more layers of paint to knock it back again. Now they look pretty fab to me and I am already for the next lesson on Monday. I hope you will stop by again soon, it's so nice to have a couple more followers I have 10 now woo hoo. I am really loving sharing my new Journal Journey's with you all. Love Dawn xx

Monday, 2 May 2011

May calender

Yes it's May. Each month I am doing a calender page and I am linking it up to lots of others who are doing the same why not join in at the Kathryn Wheel. The sun is still shining here, although the wind has picked up. I watched the royal wedding. It was wonderful. I have also started planting lots of things in the garden, I love watching things grow. I hope you're enjoying the extra day off work, if your in the UK it's a Bank Holiday. I will be looking for all your Journal pages, so leave a comment and I can return the favour while looking at your latest post. Love Dawn xx