Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Journal Journey challenge 15

Happy New year. I hope you had a joyous & safe Christmas last year, wow last year :0) I'm sure you got some lovely gifts and had some fun sharing with family. Food is my favourite part of Christmas and I love LOVE cooking this special cerebrationary dinner and feeding the family. 

I do hope you will want to have fun again this year with your art journals. I have been finding getting stuck into my journal hard work. However, once I get there it doesn't loose it's fun appeal for me. I really enjoy playing with paint, inks and what ever else I can grab. This months challenge was no exception and I hope you will have fun as well.


Is the word I would like you to focus on for January as it's New Year. Many look at this time to start a new regimen and make promises to them selves to start a fresh. I really want you to create what YOU feel new means to you in January. I personally don't really go for all this new year resolutions. I do like to make some short term and long term goals for the year though. Any way it's entirely up to you, I hope you can make time this month to join in, and here is some inspiration from me to help you kick start your pages.

I decided to add lots of colour using ink spray & do some ghosting and also cut out some book pages and paint them as well, I have had the letter stickers for ever so thought I would try and use them. I out lined  the letters to give them dimension and then add lots of sentiments that may well be new this year to me. Some are certainties like new fabric & yarn  :0) others are wishes like a new home or a new business. You get the idea, so go and have fun journaling with the word NEW and come back and share with us as always what you create. Love Dawn xx