Saturday, 31 March 2012

Journal Journey Ch06


Hello everyone ;0) It's nice to be back with Journal Journey's and thank you to all those who e-mailed left messages etc. Apparently although not many participate on line with us, many do love to join in, this is a comfort to me and thank you for letting me know. So here I am for March.

I thought we would start with an easy one so lets go with:-


There are so many things to love about spring. The warmer weather (although it has been known to snow in March) the new flowers (I have some daffodils and crocus already popping in the garden) the bird song and the colour ;0) so I want you to have a think and come back with either a single or double spread with paint, ink, crayons, material,stencils, collarge anything you like, like I said nice and easy let the artist in you go wild.

You can enlarge this so you can get a full detailed view as I have only put the one photo up this time, I hope you find it inspiring and it will encourage you to have a go. Please remember to leave a link on your post to this post and when you upload your photo please only leave a link to your actual post as this challenge lasts a month and it may be difficult for others to find. Thank you. Also, feel free to take my Journal Journey's Button (It's Free ha ha) Love Dawn xx

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Home ;0)

Hello, what does Home mean to you. Here is where this spread came from. My thoughts on what home means to me. I have been playing in my A4 Journal. I fell in love with the back ground colours, they feel so warm/hot. I doodled a bit up the sides, I really enjoy doing this now and again.

The one thing about home I always said to my boys is that you will always be safe here and you will know your loved. Family is important to me I think much more about it now than I did when I was younger it's become even more important  to me as I grow older I hope That my boys will take these things to their homes when they settle. Hope you are having a good day as well. Love Dawn xx

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Thankful for Spring

Hello again fellow journalers. I thought I would put a Spring page in my Thankful Journal. I have many things to thank the Lord for but Spring is very special isn't it so here is a new page to help inspire for your Spring Journal Challenge I thought I would use lots of scraps and an old tag I had made a long time ago enjoy the day. Love Dawn xx

Monday, 5 March 2012

Morning. More colour and techniques. I loved putting the paste through the stencil then transferring the photo on to it. It allowed the diamond pattern to show through. I also love all the doodling as well, it's really nice to play around doing lots of different things ;0) Love Dawn xx

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Scraps & Tags

The majority of this is scrap! and a couple of tags I have made in the past. I thought I would stick some of my tags in my journals because I love to make them but I don't use them as tags so this is the perfect excuse ;0) All the paper you see in this spread is scrap from my scrap draw (a very full draw but only a draw lol) I have seen some scrap cupboards in blog land ha ha. What do you do with your scraps? Love Dawn xx

Friday, 2 March 2012


I had this ready for Journal Journeys in December lol and forgot to post it. I thought since I did one on Spring this was for a Winter theme. But dizzy as I am a forgot to post it lol any way here it is for you to have a look at now. Love Dawn xx

Messing Around

Good morning. I love messing and getting all inky, journaling is the perfect media for this ;0) I have used a few techniques and I really had lots of fun doing this page. I hope your journaling to. Let me know what your up to and I can stop by for a nosy. Love Dawn xx