Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Journal Journey's Ch05

This is a sticky and will remain at the top for November. Please look below for new posts thank you.

Well October has gone already and it's now November. I think this year has gone so fast. Being November I can officially start talking about Christmas on my blogs lol.  Again more wonderful work form every one who joined in, I really wish I could give you all some thing. Thank you for playing along and I do hope you will play again this month ;0)

Okay on to this months challenge, I really hope you're up for this....................

New Look!

New look mmmm what do I mean? Well something very simple actually, I would like you to use a photograph of your self or like me you can use magazines all cut up ;0) paint your self what ever you like. Then give your self a different look. Now I concentrated on the hair but you can go for the full body new look. Have you ever wanted to be a punk, clown or an imaginary being even? I haven't really pushed the boat out here, I have kept it pretty basic. However,  you can really go as far out as you like, so go off and journal you have a month so get creative. I hope you like this as subject, just go out have fun let your imagination run riot and knock your self out ;0)

Okay, this is my little effort. I hope I've inspired you to go out and have some fun with this months request. Please remember to put a link in your post back to this post. And when linking remember to link to the post you're entering not just your blog, as the challenge lasts a whole month it could take some time for me or others to find your post. I hope to see your journal pages soon love Dawn xx

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Journal Angel

Hello, how was your weekend? I had my grandson James all weekend so it was super busy and tiring ;0) I did manage last week to do a painting in my journal though. I was inspired by an artist called Cheryl Irwin she shows a video of how to paint angels and I was inspired immediately.  I did this in my journal and then I used a 9x12 canvass Here on my other blog.

It's a great technique and one I think I may use in other paintings in the future. Pop along to the link for the video and have a go ;0) I hope you have a wonderful week. Love dawn xx