Sunday, 31 March 2013

Journal Journey's Ch18

Hello everyone and welcome. Wow, another month gone. I believe some struggled with last months challenge? But you still joined in and created some fantastic spreads. Be proud that you faced up to the challenge and won! :) This month is not nearly so difficult. I am enjoying that the clocks have gone forward and so the days are longer!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter and enjoyed the long Bank Holiday in the UK. The weather is very cold still, but at least the sun is out and the sky is blue instead of grey. Lets get on with this months challenge shall we? Yes that's why we're here to join in a challenge and express this in our art journals. This month I would really like to see:-


So what are your favourite quotes? I want to see them in your art journals. They are to be the main focus. No matter the type, maybe a religious one or something some one famous has said. Something from a poem or book. Why not a great quote from your favourite film. This is your chance to quote away and you can do this as many times as you like as always I want you to have fun and play in your journals. Here is my example to kick start you off.

And I have just noticed I missed a letter out Oops! oh well none of us are perfect and I now what it is supposed to say lol Please join in have some fun, leave your link at the bottom and spread the word. Love Dawn xx

Monday, 25 March 2013

Special Moments

I have scanned this page not sure I like it scanned as the colour doesn't seem right but I thought I would try if for this post. I am entering this almost too late in to the lovely monthly challenge that is Art Journal Journey which for the rest of this month is about special moments.

I keep thinking of the sun, which is still yet to arrive. Snow we have in March yes and April is all about rain but I need my sun & blooms. So I made my very own :) I painted, inked and stamped & drew my own garden with lots of wild flowers and warm sky's so it would cheer me up. Lots of you have played along on this challenge I hope you can stop by for my Journal Challenge on the 1st of each month. Dxx

Friday, 8 March 2013

Summer night City

Well when I did this at the begining of the week it was SO sunny (cold but sunny) all my bulbs in the front garden are beginning to make an appearance, Spring is here I thought. Yes, well that lovely sun didn't last so long now did it, but the comforting thing is, that it will be back :) I changed everything up for this Diary page. This is based on the song 'Summer night City' - ABBA You can see with the weather why this song came to mind.

I asked hubby what song he thought this represented he said 'Hot in the City' - Billy Idol.  Which is also a great track. It's become a game for us now, when I do a page he has to guess ;) Good guess but he never was really a big ABBA fan. I remember dancing in the disco in my teens and this is one of  the songs that was a floor filler. Any way I got some glossy paper and some alcohol inks out to make the back ground. Then, took some scraps of black card and a yellow & white pencil. Very quick page and totally different for me. But it was still fun, playing with alcohol inks listening to AbbA again *smiles*. Wonder what song I will go for next? Any suggestions? Dxx

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Who Are You?

Morning I'm up bright & early, but the weather isn't as good as yesterday.  I am really Enjoying playing in the Diary from last year. Another song this time it's 'Who are you?  'The Who' I do love this song but it's very much associated with this American TV program now isn't it, actually all the CSI's have a song by 'The Who' as their theme.

I wanted to make it a little different though. I painted the bkgrnd, then I put my fingerprints in ink and dipped them all over the the bkgrnd to. I was going to just draw a face and put a question mark over it but , they ended up so cute I couldn't bare to cover them up! So I drew lots of different types of question marks. Then printed off the CSI off google and added some neo2s.

Coloured my faces in and then doodled some more, round the boarders. I really enjoyed this page. I enjoy them all obviously but I like how this idea developed and became a reality. 

So who are these two beautiful young girls what ghastly end has befallen them and what on earth were they involved in? Or are these the murderers a beautiful pair of young girls on the serial killer list? Or were they seen by a witnesses at the scene of the crime. Or have they both mysteriously disappeared  Dr Gil Grissom is now in charge of this investigation and I am sure all questions will be answered with no stone left unturned (quite literally). 

Well that was fun :) and this was kinda of what was going through my mind whilst creating the page, isn't this one of the best parts of art journaling? you can go anywhere be anyone and you are the creator of it all.  I hope you like it. Thank you for all your comments and I will see you soon. Dxx

Monday, 4 March 2013

We can never break the chain.....

Cracking tune this, and the guitar solo from this very famous track is used as the theme tune for a sport every time it's on BBC it's a Motor Sport...... yep Formula 1.  This was so much fun I really enjoyed doing this. We (hubby & I) were out in the car listening to Radio 2 and this song came on. Michael and I love the album this is from. Can you guess? Yep 'Rumours' But the song is 'The Chain - Fleetwood Mac' So many good songs on this record (CD) although Michael still has the vinyl version ;)

I painted the back ground put some stamps on there to give depth, then I drew the chain. I was really quite pleased with how this page turned out. I am enjoying doing this. Using songs as journal inspiration. It's not always easy as some songs have a lot of personal meaning (we all have them or from a part in our lives, school 1st loves etc. lol) and I want to stay clear of anything too deep. Just keep it to things so you maybe able to guess the song title from the page.

I have already finished my next page so you will have to come back to see that and I am starting a couple of free courses both of which are on my side bar. Strathmore are doing another THREE FREE workshops various and the ChakrArt journal workshop both start in March, so if you want to learn something new and mix it with art why not have a look in my side bar. Love Dawn xx

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Walk this way

I am amazed that we have entries for this months journal challenge already. (see previous post), I hope this is a good sign and there will be lots of entries this month ;0)  Anyway, back to my journal that was last years diary. I have been using songs as inspiration, this is a classic for me 'Walk this way- Aerosmith' 

If you know of Monty Python you will know all about this 'The ministry of silly walks'.  This was what came to me for the song title. I used some fresco paints for the bkgrnd. Printed off the walks & words from google I then added more paint to blend in the picture and started to doodle added some Neo2s and used posca pens blk & pink (they are really good) for writing on all surfaces. I have already had an idea for another page I have had a song in my head all day so will post another soon. Dxx

Friday, 1 March 2013

Journal challenge 17

February is gone YAY now it's March and the nights are getting lighter the days are longer and this is a good thing, because it means Spring and Summer will soon be here. (saying that we have had snow in March before now) Lets hope not, I have had enough with the cold.

You may have seen I kept a promise to my self to journal more (happy place) In fact I have been doing a lot more inky, painty stuff of late and it's such fun! I hope you're in the mood for this months challenge, because I thought long and hard about this..............


Whatcha think? I got five on my pages. Could even put more on as I still think I want to add to it a wee bit more. So here is my inspiration for you.

I started with sprays & stencils followed by lots of stamping and then some freebie and bought images. The bird is free from graphic fairy (in side bar) And the others I think (not sure) are from Artyfacts off esty. This is in my thankful journal which is A5 it's almost full now. What are you using as a journal? Have fun and don't forget as long as the animals are the focus of your page/pages there are no rules play to your hearts content and of course, please share your creations in the linky below. Love Dawn xx