Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Who Are You?

Morning I'm up bright & early, but the weather isn't as good as yesterday.  I am really Enjoying playing in the Diary from last year. Another song this time it's 'Who are you?  'The Who' I do love this song but it's very much associated with this American TV program now isn't it, actually all the CSI's have a song by 'The Who' as their theme.

I wanted to make it a little different though. I painted the bkgrnd, then I put my fingerprints in ink and dipped them all over the the bkgrnd to. I was going to just draw a face and put a question mark over it but , they ended up so cute I couldn't bare to cover them up! So I drew lots of different types of question marks. Then printed off the CSI off google and added some neo2s.

Coloured my faces in and then doodled some more, round the boarders. I really enjoyed this page. I enjoy them all obviously but I like how this idea developed and became a reality. 

So who are these two beautiful young girls what ghastly end has befallen them and what on earth were they involved in? Or are these the murderers a beautiful pair of young girls on the serial killer list? Or were they seen by a witnesses at the scene of the crime. Or have they both mysteriously disappeared  Dr Gil Grissom is now in charge of this investigation and I am sure all questions will be answered with no stone left unturned (quite literally). 

Well that was fun :) and this was kinda of what was going through my mind whilst creating the page, isn't this one of the best parts of art journaling? you can go anywhere be anyone and you are the creator of it all.  I hope you like it. Thank you for all your comments and I will see you soon. Dxx


Karin said...

Gorgeous! The colors are great and i love the faces!

~*~Patty S said...

Sweet girls you made Dawn and I quite agree about the freedom creating gives us ... starting with a blank page and transforming it is something I never tire of!

Marcia said...

Very cool ♥! Are you a fan of the show?