Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A new Journal book

I have made a journal to record all my visits to the women of my church I make this year. Let me explain (Briefly) In our church we have partnerships to visit women in the church once each month. Each partnership has between 3-5 women to visit. That's a very brief explanation lol Any way I wanted to keep a record of all the needs and visits I made this year so I can look back and look forward so I don't forget B'days of them or their children I hope this helps my terrible memory in some way.

Here is an idea what the inside is like I have the months of the year in and their names, addresses, birthdays  etc. And I have made each page on the right hand side special to write on. I hope you like. this Love Dawn xx

P.S. I will be starting my Monthly Journal Challenge for you to join in again in March if you would like to take part again Love Dawn xx