Sunday, 31 July 2011

Paint Party Friday

I have started to take my small sketch book with me when I go out for the day and make some sketches. This is a very new way of doing things for me and I have yet to be comfortable doing it but I did it and I am pleased with the result.

I have missed a few PPF And I have really missed looking at all your work as you are all so full of inspiration. Hence me taking a wee sketch book with me when I went out for the day to Harrogate recently. We had been in the famous Betty's Tea Rooms for lunch, and later was sat out side with my hubby talking to a lovely local man. As we were chatting I quickly, no pauses, sketched this picture with a 0.05 uni pin ink pen. When I got home some time later I coloured it in with some WC pencils and Neo2 pastels I am not sure if I should of just left it at first but it needed something. Maybe I should of used WC paints and very lightly gave a little colour but we live and learn and maybe next time this is what I will do, who knows. The important thing is I broke the barrier of drawing out side and I am pleased I did.

Maybe next time I may try and sketch the whole thing but this time, small baby steps ;0) You can see the corner of the square and the flowers I drew so quickly out side the tea rooms top photo. It took about 2-3 min I wanted it to look fluid and not detailed. And I fully recommend the tea rooms service and food are wonderful. Any way it's done thank you for stopping by. Love Dawn xx

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Cosy Times

Hello hello, hope I find you well this week end, the sun is out and I am in the house playing and I don't care ha ha. I have been playing all morning and so I thought I would share something.

I love this new Journal for several reasons

  1. It's price (£2.50 Asda) Part of Walmart so you may be able to get it in USA?
  2. It's quality (really good)
  3. Great size (A5)
Where can you get a great journal like that for this price? I haven't seen any anywhere else. It's an A5 size and they come in three types un-ruled, ruled and graph. I bought two to start off. I have splashed water on the pages (a lovely cream colour) sprays and paints and they hold up pretty well. I would say the spays showed through the other side so I glued two pages together but this is my must buy art buy.

I have been using a transfer technique, tissue paper, and paint and gesso and brayer and, and, well you get the picture, lots of layers and this book held it's own very nicely ;0) I am playing along with Wild Precious group 52 Pages group and the word Cosy was the word to inspire. I have used these hot chocolate cups to list some of the things I find make me feel cosy. I hope you like my pages. Love Dawn xx

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Elements class wk 03 Air

Hello journal peeps ;0) have you missed me? I have been commenting on all your wonderful works even if I haven't been posting much so I hope you haven't really had chance to miss me too much lol. I am loving the Elements Class with Effy although my other digi class is suffering. However I have them recorded and will catch up in my own time so I don't miss out ;0) this is very cool. 

So this week is all about Air believe it or not lol. It's because of the written exercises we do and what we take from them, what resonates with us and from that what we journal about. I discovered I work well to deadlines, there for I should set more time specific goals if I want to get more things done. Which I was pleased to find out, although I kind of new this I never thought in putting it into practice to help me do things to benefit my self more. And we all find it hard to be selfish I am sure, as mothers, wives, sisters etc we all want to be there for others. But this course is teaching me how to be better there for my self. It really is a revolution to me and I am going to have to try and put some of the things I am learning into practice. And hopefully not only will I benefit but by default others will to ;0)  Oh you still have over a week to play along with my new monthly journal challenge HERE. I have hit 50 followers how cool, *big smiles* thank you for your continued support. Love Dawn xx

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Elements class wk 02

Hello again ;0) I have been in bed all week so sorry I haven't been round much (I have ME and Fibromyalgia) it can knock me completely off my feet some times. Any way it's nice to be back and I have been able to do some crafting today, so I thought I would share ;0). I am really enjoying the class that the lovely Effy is doing over in wild precious ning group there is always a link to this group on my side bar as I love 52 Pages and other groups I like to join each week ;0)

There is an exercise before you do the journalling and let me tell you is was very worth doing. You don't have to go deep by doing the exercises you can just do the journalling part but I am so glad I am participating in the whole of the course, it's so positive. Now I went a little deep in my journal spread this week, as this was all about earth and your body. I used all the memorials of those who have died (news paper) as back ground paper, as my feeling is that all our bodies go back to the earth in one way or another. I then added colour washes and brayered with a bit of gesso. After that creating lots of texture and layers (more earth).

I took a photo of my naked self  and painted away. Then with the exercise I had completed I inked some of the words I came up with for the earth that I felt my body also related to. There is still time to join in  (15/07/11) is the closing date to enrol,  you do get to keep some great PDFs and down load all the videos to keep so you can do this when you can fit it in and the discussions excetera will always be available ;0) I will share each week what I have been doing so you can at least get a taste of the elements class. Love Dawn xx

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Elements class wk 01

Hello fellow journalers ;0) I am currantly taking two classes one is a Digi class more of this on my other blog Crafty Dawn I am also taking a new journal class  The Elements of Art Journaling group this is a class I am really enjoying for more info. follow the link. It's free to join the Wild & Precious Studio and there are lots of different groups to join so please go have a looksey ;0) the elements is a class you have to pay for but honestly this is so worth it. And there are lots of free groups to ;0)

Here is what I managed in my first week! Week one was all about covering and strengthening a composition book. I couldn't find one of the ones Effe used so I used some school exercise books (a lot thinner) I still followed the tutorials, I have even done some sewing down the spine, so these journals will not be falling apart. ;0) It was cool to actually go through this step by step.

Here is some close ups of the covers. It's still not too late to join in the fun and the cool thing is all the class videos & PDFs are all downloadable so they are yours and you can take as long as you like to complete the course. All the videos are really good and there is even a fast fwd one with no chat so you can just zip through until you get to the bit you need (very clever Idea). I have used lots of papers, paints and stamps etc to make this my own. So I am entering this into Paint Party Friday. I still followed the techniques shown by Effy. And please do not forget about my monthly Journal challenge for July. There's still plently of time to join in click Here for all the information. Love Dawn xx

Friday, 1 July 2011

Journal Journey Ch01

I can not tell you how excited I have been about this. I have always enjoyed doing challenges but only in a participant way ;0) I have been on a few design teams so I have a good idea what is involved.  Keeping a journal can be a very personal thing. Or it can be just for fun, or even to help you keep track of the month. I know there are lots of you out there who would like to start journalling but just a bit scared or think time is too tight. You don't have to be able to draw, you can collage, stamp, stencil etc there are so many ways you can journal so I hope you will join in. And for those of you who perhaps started and then stopped. This is an ideal way to get back into it. And for you very experienced journal people out there I do hope you will come and join in the fun as well.

Now each months challenge can be an item I would like you to use, or a technique I would like you to try. There are so many things we can do together. However, we're going to start simple, with a colour challenge! Just to start us all off slowly ;0) it can't be that hard, can it? ;0)


It's July and it should be fairly warm (fingers crossed) and these are wonderful colours for July. Now you can use anything to create your journal page, it can be a calender page or an art page. It can have any medium included like canvass, paint, pastels, ink. The limit is only your imagination as they say ;0) So here is my double spread which I hope will give you some inspiration. You can use other colours, but please make sure the predominate colours are Pink & Orange thank you.

I really hope you will join in and make this NEW challenge a success. Oh and I promise my post for August will not be this long ;0) Love Dawn xx

Please leave your link to the post you're including in this challenge, that way I get to come and visit. And I am sure others will to. You have until the 30th of July next challenge 1st of August ;0)