Saturday, 1 December 2012

Journal Journey's Challenge 14

December! Yes it's December they say as you get older time speeds up. Well it's going at warp speed already. It doesn't seem that long ago since last Christmas but it's almost here again. Are you ready? Well I am almost there, I am pleased about that just just a couple of gifts to buy and then the wrapping up as usual then there is just food to organise and I'm done. We only have a small Christmas now, the boys are all grown up & will be round for Christmas Dinner and then I get a week with my grandson in the Christmas break usually, so always something to look forward to ;0)  December, Christmas, Holiday season what ever you call it, to me is about family children in particular and that's your challenge for December.


So anything to do with children it doesn't have to be Christmas orientated they just have to be the main focus of your art journaling this month. So let your imagination wonder, there is no limit to the mediums you can use or stamping, photographs, paint, inks. What ever you want to play with or have at hand, create something with children as the main focus. I hope you have fun in December don't get too flustered it's only one day so my tip is not to spend the earth on gifts, it's more about spending quality time with one another.

I hope you can find time to join in the challenge this December. The children are free images from the wonderful Land of Nod Debs is a generous artist and gives away images every friday. Have a wonderful Christmas, keep safe and have fun when you can. If Christmas is a difficult time I hope you will feel loved by us here at the Journal Journey's challenge. Peace, health & happiness wishes to you and yours. Love Dawn xx

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

New Stitching Blog

Hello everyone *waves to you all*  I have started a new stitching blog, and I would like you all to stop by and spread the word. You may already know that I have another blog already called Crafty Dawn This was origionally going to be a place for all my crafty items. However, Three years later I have seperated my Art Journaling as I think it help others as they may have spacific taste, and this has just celebrated it's first year *smiles*.


I now think it's time to set up another seperate blog for all my stitching projects. Stitching Happiness. Earlier this year I set myself the task of learning to crochet (which I am loving) so my new blog will have lots of various stiching items, such as Crochet, Knitting and sewing of all kinds.

I Do hope you will stop by and share the word around. Love Dawn xx

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Journal Journey Challenge 13

I missed a whole month! I wouldn't mind but I had done the pages as well DOH!! thing is I forgot I had done them, so they will come in for another time, you'll love them I am sure. So I missed October completely very, very, very, bad of me. Thank you to those who contacted me to ask if I was OK, I was delighted to hear from you, and you helped no end. So I'm now back with a fresh inspiration from all my walks. If you are friends on Face Book you will have seen lots of dog walking photos & video. I have been getting out and about a bit and I am full of the joy's of Autumn. And this is your inspiration for November I hope you like it.


By way of apology and just because you are all super lovely ladies I would like the addresses of all the ladies who joined in last month so I can send you a little something in the post. The winner of the prize is Gina congratulations to you hun. I do hope you will all send your addys a.s.a.p. even if you think I have it already and I will have something off to you in the post by Monday when I post everything. So congratulations to everyone and here is my inspiration to you, I do hope you enjoy playing with the month of Autumn.

So you have from the 1st of Nov until the 30th Nov to get your entries in. Please add your post to the linky so we can all find your work and share in this Autumnal feast. Love Dawn xx

Monday, 1 October 2012

Running late

Hi peeps, I am running late with this months page and the notice of the winner of the gift for last months challenge. I will get round to it very soon. Thank you for your wonderful entries. You all did a fantastic job, thanks for joining in with the Journal Journey's Challenge again. Love Dawn xx

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Journal Journeys Challenge 12

Oh My it's the twelfth challenge, that means twelve glorious months of art journaling together. I have to say a BIG thank you to everyone who have continued to make this fun by joining in & supporting one another. So we have to celebrate don't we? Sure we do ;0) I will share a photo of the prize at the beginning of October as well as the winners name. All those that enter my monthly challenge this month will have an entry for each  additional time they have entered previous months challenges. So the more times you have entered over the last twelve months the more chance you have of winning. That's all you have to do to win the yummy candy I have planned. Old & new are all welcome, wherever you live xx

So I thought as a very appropriate title for this special month I would like you all to use a word in your journaling this month and do your page/spread based on that word. The word is: -


I am particularly fond of all of you, the friends I have made, through my blogging and the love and care you all show to me and each other, your support means so very much and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Here is my spread, I hope it inspires xx

This last twelve months have been a joy. I hope to continue to do these art journal challenges and I will as long as there are people who will join in with me. So lets see what friendship means to you in your journal I, as always look forward to seeing what you come up with. Don't forget to add your post to the linky not the whole blog so we can all find your inspiring pages. Love Dawn xx

Friday, 3 August 2012

Journal Journey's Challenge 11

Oh I'm late, so sorry but life gets the better of us all sometimes so I hope your in a forgiving mood ;0) Any way, blimey it's August. I had started something with the theme of games for this month, it being the Olympics but I just didn't get it finished. Well, I have been glued to the TV it's been so good to watch, what with the opening ceremony and the feast of sports it's magic. I have also been baking lots, muffins cakes and stuff and this gave me an idea for this months challenge. I did manage to do some beautiful pages that I would like to share with you, and this month I would like you to use a recipe ;0)

Photograph (digi image, of a person/s),  Stamps, DPs & Glossy Accents

I hope you like this idea, so get all those beautiful Images you have of a person/s child etc Photograph, Digi or otherwise (but not stamped) all your fave Stamps, I mean anything but a person/s  I am sure you have loads of beautiful Design Papers (DPs)  don't we all? So this is a good opportunity to use some in your journal and lots of Glossy Accents to highlight your fave bits or however you want to use it (it must be visible not just used as a glue) So what will be in your journals this month? I am excided to see what you come up with ;0) here some ideas from me.

So get to it. There's lots of space for you to create whatever you like here. I see there are two more followers this month so welcome. And a big thank you as always to the people who share their creations with us all each month. So add to the linky at the bottom of the page, I am sure we would all love to see more of you join in if you can. Love Dawn xx

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Journal Journey's Challenge 10

July is here already? It's my Birthday month and I had to play with my fave muse and this is the title of this months Journal Challenge


It's my fave place to go for sure (in my head in magazines, books on TV). And one day I will be able to go. It's only across the channel I know, but I will have to wait until the time is right ;0) So I would like you to dream with me this month and visit the City of love.

There are so many things about Paris to journal about, and I hope you will play with it, the list is endless, the architecture the macaroons, pastry's, cafes and markets, museums, historical figures it's all there as it is nowhere else. So have fun be creative and make Paris your focal point in this months journal challenge. Love Dawn xx

Please add your post to the linky then I, as well as any one else can visit you work ;0)

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Back grounds

I wanted to show you some back grounds and how easy they are to create. Some people find the white paper the biggest block to them. Me I have tons of back grounds just waiting to be used. And I love to create them because nothing is expected of me good/bad and I can play with anything that takes my fancy be it ink paint or what ever. 

Last week  (Tue) I was playing along with the prompt from Quirky Dutch Summer and I thought I would share it with you because if blank space is your nemesis this is the link for you below are some of my back grounds have fun with what's left of the week end and create some mess ;0) There is still time to join in with the journal prompt for JUNE  torn/ripped paper and I have July ready to go as well so join in and have some fun.

As you can see each spread is different and I have used paint, ink, gesso & torn strips and even neos with ink on top. You may think but what if I can't think of something to use on there I have the answer to this to ;0)

This is a work in progress But it started off looking something like this

It was a similar background (didn't take photo) it was far too bright but I thought I will just keep layering stamps and gesso ( dry brush ) until it tones down a bit. But now I have a very rich back ground and I am layering more images and stamps along with more gesso I will show you when it's finished, but you see where you can go with a back ground once it's created. let me know if you struggle with the white page and if this helped let's see what you did. Love Dawn xx

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Journal Journey's Challenge 9

Morning every one I hope your Bank Holiday is going well even if it's wet! I am running a little late with this months challenge, even though it's been ready for weeks I forgot to scheduled it, never mind here it is and I hope you are going to find time to join in. I really enjoyed the 'once upon a time' theme and you didn't disappoint me your work was again varied and beautiful. So as I am late let's get on with this months challenge ;0)

Torn Paper

I Had a ball playing with scraps of paper. I only used scraps that I have I wanted to use some up and I have some lush bit's of DP as I'm sure you have So get them out. I want them to be a focal point of the journal page you do for this month. Here is my spread to get some ideas flowing, I can tell you I had lots of fun and I am really pleased with using my scraps for this. Have fun as always and I will visit all your works, I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with and lets see if we can reach 10 people in the challenge this month spread the word ;0)

As always you have a whole month to play along, I want to see you be inventive with your ripped/torn/shredded paper there are so many ways you can make your pages look fab! and try and use up some scraps or what about old book paper, wrapping paper, news paper use your imagination, you always make me smile with your work. Love Dawn xx

Place the link to your work in the linky below have fun Dawn xx

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Journal Journey's Ch8

Hello every one. When I set the challenge for last month to be April Showers I hardly thought we would get SO much rain as we did, My garden is well an truly soaked so lets hope the sun is around the corner and the heat will will soon be here. As always I would like to thank those who played along, we had some newbies who joined in welcome to you. And all of you didn't disappoint there were some fab colour textures and techniques ;0) And so we're on to May and I hope you will join in this month as this is a little different..........

'Once upon a time'

I really  like the idea of fairy tails and story time so I combined the two in this months spread I am going to share with you. I love spending time reading with my grandson as I did my children before him. And weather it's bed time or the middle of the day it's always so enjoyable for me to read with the children. Now I want to see lots of surprises this month what does once upon a time mean to you? Please share your ideas with us this month, don't forget anyting goes you can do a calendar page with a theme that fits, or you can play with the idea of books, fairies, prince charming, sleeping beauty, whatever comes to mind. Here is what I did for this month I hope it brings inspiration to you ;0)

I hope you will join in and play along for this month. Add your post to the linky ;0) Love Dawn xx

Wednesday, 11 April 2012


This is another page in my Thankful Journal, 'Freedom To Choose' It's a wonderful gift given to us by the lord. We are not forced to be one thing or another we choose the people we want to be first through our thoughts and secondly through our actions. 

I had a lot of fun making these pages. I am sure we all would choose to be free to do our own will and this is truly a wonderful gift that I am thankful for. I am also going to enter this in SSS&S as anything goes this week ;0) Don't forget the monthly Journal Challenge, please click the photo in the side bar to join in this months 'April Showers' theme. Not that I haven't had enough of rain this month already lol Keep warm and dry this month if you can. Love dawn xx

Monday, 2 April 2012

Journal Journey's Ch07

Another month has passed and we are racing through the year like no bodies business. so much so I missed the beginning of the month  lol so I'm sorry this months challenge is a little late. I would like to thank those who joined in last month as always wonderful examples. We had a wonderful month here in the UK weather wise, it truly was a beautiful spring month. It's now April, the weather is on the change yet again and we have another challenge.

April Showers.

So I would like to see some reference to rain or see some rain in your journal entries this month. We have a forecast this week for snow! It's too much for me, after eating out side and hanging out washing to dry, now I have to get my jumpers out again and pop the heating on! I do hope more of you will show your work I really would love to see. Here are are some photos of my page to help inspire.

Please join in, I really do love looking at others journal work as every one is so different. Leaving a link to the post your sharing your work of. I look forward to stopping by to see you this month. Dawn xx