Thursday, 30 June 2011

I'm getting excited about the elements ;0)

Hi journal gang ;0) I just wanted to share a moment with you. I have joined with Effy to have a fabby experience with journaling over the next few weeks. Here is a video to explain how the course is going to run.

I am looking forward to this new experience/side of journaling. You can join now and the class starts tomorrow. You can also just click on the right hand side bar to go to the group 'Wild Precious Studio' and all the details for the Elements classes are there ;0) Love Dawn xx

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Summer Journal Page

Colour & texture are the focus of this spread. I have used lots of colour. And I have also used stencils, stamps, paint and canvas to create texture in these pages. As well as other things to create texture ;0) I am also sharing this with a NEW challenge My Mojo Monthly (MMM) Funny we both started our new challenges on the same day ;0) Well it's not really a challenge but I am happy I found this blog and I am more than happy to share what was the mojo that inspired this page ;0)

And here are another two photos so you can get a better close up ;0) This left me feeling light and airy. I love the way art can make you feel. This is the main reason I stay away from the darker stuff. Not that it isn't fantastic art I just don't like to delve in to those dark places that we all have within us. So I keep it light and happy and positive. Love Dawn xx

Sunday, 26 June 2011


As always, thank you to those who stop by and take time to comment. You really do make my day ;0) 
I am not a buyer of magazines (unless they are craft ones;0) so no hello, woman etc in my life. I truly believe they are there to make women feel bad about them selves. They are always telling you, this look is in, skin has to look such a way, waist has to be '0' for you to be healthy, hair etc etc basically you are no good as you are, you have to change to be accepted. And the gossip I bore it. Look who's fat, looks who's marriage is on the rocks, looks who's showing her knickers/lack of,  look who's drunk in public. What is it these magazines are selling?

Gossiping is such a bad personal trait to have in my opinion, if you can't find something nice to say about some one don't say anything. My journal spread is just saying BE WHO YOU ARE! Don't buy in to this RUBBISH. You are always beautiful to those that matter and inner beauty is worth far more, than a plastic smile and saying things to others that demeans them and you.

I love how we can use our journal for things that are important to us. I have used my water colour crayons again as well as some paint and brayer work. no stamping this time (I miss it) I think I would of liked some on the back ground ;0) I hope your week end was a good one, even if it was wet. Wimbledon is on and what I have been able to see (because of the weather) has been really exciting. Hope you have a great week. Love Dawn xx

Friday, 24 June 2011

Paint Party Friday

This is a wonderful day art wise. I am becoming more & more practised because of this blog as I know I have to have something ready for play time over at Paint Party Friday (PPF). This is a fabby challenge there is no set theme just come and share anything you have put paint to. And because the way this challenge runs you get to see all sorts of art. I hope you will pop along as there is so much variety and talent.

Last week I did some journal pages about bullying Here  my challenge was to turn it in to a positive. So many of you left beautiful comments to thank you. This week it's all about celebrating, not trauma (phew) ;0) And so I thought of lots of things in my life I could celebrate, my boys (my three children, all young men now) my art even But I have to say my Marriage and my Grandson are pretty cool things to celebrate ;0) And I really enjoyed creating these pages I just couldn't take the smile off my face ;0). Can I please remind any visitors that in July (my B'Day month) I am beginning a challenge of my own. I am so excited about it and I would really love it if you can join in. I will be having a journal challenge each month starting in July. I now have a  button so you can help spread the word, you can become a follower now so you don't miss the start ;0) I would really love to see you. Love Dawn xx

Friday, 17 June 2011

Paint Party Friday

Hello my fellow PPF friends. I think I saw most of you all last week and I found out so much and I wrote some ideas down to try in the future as well. I have some news I want to share with you as well..... I will be starting my journal challenge in July, (my Birthday month). I am so excited about this. It will be one challenge per month so plenty of time. If any of my dear followers knows how to make a blog button so we can spread the news I would be so grateful to the person that can help with this. Any way back to painting. This week, practically everything I have done has had paint on ;0) and that's such a good thing. This is page 3-4 of my altered baby board book Pg.1-2 can be seen here and the front cover is almost ready to. Gosh did I have fun with this.

The girl in the orange is a representation of me in high school and part of my healing process was to think of a child hood trauma and make a positive thing instead. So I went for my bullying experiences, this effected me in many ways, I was lonely, alot of the time and had many negative things said. So this spread is me having lots of friends and having trust & love. Although it was sad to think of the sad times as a child, I was really made happy by giving the younger me lots of friends ;0) And I am really happy with the painting parts of this so much.

I can't Thank Tam and her Free Class enough. I feel I am really getting the hang of painting these little Wimseys. I have talked about this so much if you want any information just click the links (in side bar as well) So I altered the back ground of the book and then sketched and painted the figures on water colour paper and cut them out and stuck them on and added more paint and inked some stamps up and just had lots of fun creating this. Thank you for stopping by and any comments you have left I will be visiting lots of you again soon Love Dawn xx

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Altered Baby board book

Hello, Hope you are well and the sun is shining where you are ;0) It's shining here for once in the NW of UK for a change after all the horrid rain we have had it's lovely to catch up with some blogs and post a few things with the back door open and the sunlight streaming in. I am sure I have told you about the Free Classes Tam has on line. In week one I created This And now for week two I have created this and I am very proud  of it ;0) we have moved on to altering a baby board book, you now the ones I mean I am sure. Well grab one or get one from the charity/thrift shop and create this wonderful book all about you! There is a process of healing involved but you can always just do the techniques.

Here is a close up of the younger me and all the things I want for her when she grows up, this can be difficult if you haven't had the smoothest child hood because you can put all the things that you now would like for this child (even if it didn't happen).

A final close up. It's full of texture and transfers, stamping etc and I really enjoyed playing. The class is already finished (was in Oct 10) so you can go as quickly or as slowly as you like. I have already done the next two pages and I will be sharing these on PPF Love Fridays for another reason now ;0) Have a wonderful day full of warmth and smiles. Love Dawn xx

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Journal reaction to Operation!

Yes to those of you who visited yesterday you will have seen a sneak peak of this and heard also that in July I am off for a Hysterectomy, not the easiest Op. but hey this is where our journal really comes in very handy. I had a wonderful time painting this and I am going to share this with Paint Party Friday 

This side of the page had a very swirly Rabbit hole, I have since painted over this with many layers, the thought's are still there, but covered up with this now. The swirls in the corners are there to represent the tumbling down the rabbit hole.

And finally poor Alice (me) who hasn't got a clue what to expect next! I share this very personal spread with you so you too can have an idea that your journal can be for any thing, light hearted, deep and personal or even just trying new stencils & paints out! Your journal is for anything you need at the time you need it. I am slowly falling in love with journalling. I was warned how addictive it could be. I haven't adapted my own style yet and I have so very much to learn. But I am loving my Journal Journey. Love Dawn xx

And for some extra news, the poll was very good idea of what people wanted to do. I am really happy that once a month I will set a wee journal challenge (more details to follow) and you can all link up and share your work with me. I really am excited about this new chapter about to take place in my life. BUT, yes there is always a but ;0) this will be for fun! no prizes, just like 'Paint Friday' this is a chance to share your journal pages with me and who ever else joins in ;0) oh and if any one can make me a little linky for my side bar so others can have it on there blog please e-mail me it would be really handy to spread the word. More on this wonderful news as it develops ;0) Big Hugs Dawn xx

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Hello Peeps, another What's On Your Work desk Wednesday (WOYWW). Gosh I had quite a few visitors last week. Thanks for stopping by to comment and I have got back to every one now. Just in time for another week of busy work spaces. I haven't had chance to do much in the last week as I had James (grand son) from Thurs. to Sun. So I have to give him my full attention ;0) So what can we see this week? mmm

Well in the top photo you get to see the whole desk lots of things, to post to friends and some sales from all my stamps on e-bay behind the wood ink holder thingy. Lots of you admired this last week I got it from Inkylicious at a show in Harrogate it was £16 I thought it was a bargain. And I had most of the inks so I almost filled it when I got it home and It's so useful (as many of you commented ;0) There is some pink 12x12 I used for some photographs back ground for some items I am thinking of selling. They're on my other blog Crafty Dawn go have a peek you may find something you like. Now in the close up you can see a journalling page taking form. Alice In Wonderland (AIW) will be a focusing point for how I feel at the moment. I have been given some bad news. I am going into hospital for a hysterectomy in July and I feel a little like I am tumbling down a rabbit hole. Any way more of that closer the time as I am going to need some crafty advice ;0) Love Dawn xx

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Journal Healing

I am a member of a new group, I think I have told you already but if I didn't it's called Willowing  in this group I have joined a few other groups all FREE and so much to see and learn from. I also will be joining in a paid course (link in the side bar) But I also wanted to share another FREE course that Tammy of willowing is doing. Here is the link. It was originally on for Five weeks. However, all the PDF files and Videos are there for you to use when ever you like now. This double page is from the first week. I followed Tam step by step (making a few changes to make the page personal to me) and I am really thrilled with the result. You know I will always keep you informed of FREEBIES that I think are really good for all us new/exp journalists out there.

Here are the pages separately and you can click on them to make them larger. But there is more to be seen with this video it's all about healing ones self. I think we all need to be positive about things, but some times this can be really hard and Tam shares how we can learn how all the negative things we tell ourself is just a really poor way of the brain telling us things we need to know. Go have a look I think it's great and Tam also goes through step by step how to create a face and how to shade etc. if you do join the group let me know be my friend on there and we can share all sorts together. Love Dawn xx.

I have to tell you I am selling lots of stamps I no longer use on e-bay here is the Link to one of my items, if you then click on sellers other items you can see the other items I am selling as well. I have had a really good clear out as I am doing more journalling/mix media and a lot less card making so if your interested or just go have a nosey ;0)

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

June Calender

Yep it's that time again, another month is here and it's JUNE lets hope the weather warms up. (I show my optimism for the heat of June in my pages ha ha)  and the plants all grow madly ;0) I will be playing again with The Kathryn Wheel Where I love to visit regularly and even more so when every one shows their individual ways of making a calender spread. Well this is my monthly effort I hope you will all join in as well and I will be off to look at the talent of others. Love Dawn xx


Another Wednesday and another messy desk. These are a few bits I bought yesterday as well as a cigar box I am transforming this will be on my other blog Crafty Dawn when it's finished, this blog is for journaling only. Some new paint brushes and the lovely pink tissue paper was what surrounded a lovely new china trio I bought from e-bay. So if you pop over to Julia's you to can go and check out lots of crafting spaces from all over the world. perhaps get some storage ideas. Or a sneak peak at their next project, (like you have here ;0) but for now it's time to have a nosey round and have a look at what every one else has been up to. I do hope you will come back on a day other than a Wednesday and look at my journaling pages and if you want to start journalling, you could do worse than following me and having some journaling fun/ Love Dawn xx