Saturday, 4 June 2011

Journal Healing

I am a member of a new group, I think I have told you already but if I didn't it's called Willowing  in this group I have joined a few other groups all FREE and so much to see and learn from. I also will be joining in a paid course (link in the side bar) But I also wanted to share another FREE course that Tammy of willowing is doing. Here is the link. It was originally on for Five weeks. However, all the PDF files and Videos are there for you to use when ever you like now. This double page is from the first week. I followed Tam step by step (making a few changes to make the page personal to me) and I am really thrilled with the result. You know I will always keep you informed of FREEBIES that I think are really good for all us new/exp journalists out there.

Here are the pages separately and you can click on them to make them larger. But there is more to be seen with this video it's all about healing ones self. I think we all need to be positive about things, but some times this can be really hard and Tam shares how we can learn how all the negative things we tell ourself is just a really poor way of the brain telling us things we need to know. Go have a look I think it's great and Tam also goes through step by step how to create a face and how to shade etc. if you do join the group let me know be my friend on there and we can share all sorts together. Love Dawn xx.

I have to tell you I am selling lots of stamps I no longer use on e-bay here is the Link to one of my items, if you then click on sellers other items you can see the other items I am selling as well. I have had a really good clear out as I am doing more journalling/mix media and a lot less card making so if your interested or just go have a nosey ;0)


Scatter said...

We're tripping over each other all over the web!! There's so many wonderful places to go and learn!

I like this page. The color you chose for her eyes is haunting!!

Coleen said...

Hi Dawn, I thought I was already following you here, but now am. Veronica is getting out of the hospital next week after a month there. She will be housed next door to our church so she will get plenty of visitors and the local ladies can cook for her and her grandmother and mother. Glad you are doing more journaling. Me too. I've been doing it for only the last couple years. My sister got me started by giving me this lined journal she didn't want. I just started drawing in it, lines and all. It's come a long way. There is a likeness in your portrait here. I've done a little of that too. It's fun. Hope your Sunday is blessed with joy and His presence.


Carola Bartz said...

Thank you for telling about Willowing. I think I will check this out!