Sunday, 26 June 2011


As always, thank you to those who stop by and take time to comment. You really do make my day ;0) 
I am not a buyer of magazines (unless they are craft ones;0) so no hello, woman etc in my life. I truly believe they are there to make women feel bad about them selves. They are always telling you, this look is in, skin has to look such a way, waist has to be '0' for you to be healthy, hair etc etc basically you are no good as you are, you have to change to be accepted. And the gossip I bore it. Look who's fat, looks who's marriage is on the rocks, looks who's showing her knickers/lack of,  look who's drunk in public. What is it these magazines are selling?

Gossiping is such a bad personal trait to have in my opinion, if you can't find something nice to say about some one don't say anything. My journal spread is just saying BE WHO YOU ARE! Don't buy in to this RUBBISH. You are always beautiful to those that matter and inner beauty is worth far more, than a plastic smile and saying things to others that demeans them and you.

I love how we can use our journal for things that are important to us. I have used my water colour crayons again as well as some paint and brayer work. no stamping this time (I miss it) I think I would of liked some on the back ground ;0) I hope your week end was a good one, even if it was wet. Wimbledon is on and what I have been able to see (because of the weather) has been really exciting. Hope you have a great week. Love Dawn xx


Gez said...

Very powerful pages that speak volumes Dawn.

It is wonderful to see your art journaling blossoming. Your Whimsey's are out of this world. I hope your art brings you lots of happiness like it does to your blog visitors. I am looking forward to your challenges. Best Wishes for everything. Gez.xx

Artyjen said...

I so agree Dawn....I hate those sort of mags....can't see why anyone would enjoy reading them...if you could call it reading!!! LOL
xoxo Sioux

Anonymous said...

Well said Dawn. I wrote a paper back in junior college (about 10 years) about how woman were portrayed in magazines. It drives me nuts when I think how much money is being made on trash. Love the page

Melodie said...

Totally agree with you on the magazines...and too bad girls start reading them so early as to set such false standards for the rest of their life. Love the journal pages...

~*~Patty S said...

Your journal certainly is filling up with beauty and great messages too dear Dawn!