Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Getting messy

Hi ya guys, thought I would drop by and show you an A5 size page I did last month. I have quite a few journal pages I would love to share with you I just haven't got round to posting them yet. However, I will be doing my Journal Journey's Challenge tomorrow so I hope you will stop by and join in ;0)

Not the best photo in the world. Can you see the face in the rose? I like to collect scraps of magazines, usually the free ones from the supermarkets. There are a mix of a few techniques. This only took a short time, you know when you just see an aspect (the eggs for me in this case) you just know you could have some fun with this and so I got out my arty stuff and had lots of fun on a fairly small page A5 but had lots of fun. Hope you have some fun in your journal soon. Love Dawn xx

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Paint, Paper & Ink

How are you? Thank you for coming to see my latest efforts. I am planning to carry on with the themed journal spread each month, it's really nice to hear that you all really enjoyed it and would like it to continue, so please get ready for the 1st of March when I will have something for us all to have a theme to play with ;0) Meanwhile I have  been practicing with paint & paper to get into the swing of things.

Here are some close ups of this page, I haven't titled this but I really like the stamp and just had to use it as a focus. I just splurged on some techniques and added them with little thought and may be this is why it appears a little disjointed, saying that I still kind of like it though. Hope you do to. Love Dawn xx