Tuesday, 13 September 2011


My Son is now settled in Uni halls in London. After a very long drive some misunderstandings with payments and general scary moments my son is now settled and I am now free to think about my art again. So I hope to be playing again soon ;0) I don't think I have shown this before and if I have I appologise but I really wanted to show some art and after the goings on of this week end 'Mileage' seemed to be appropriate lol. Gosh and I have I done some this week end. Not just driving mileage but emotional mileage too! It was like him being four years old again going off to school for the first time only this time it's he is an young adult and over 200 miles away. I know he is prepared for the living alone. He knows how to use a washing machine and cooker, get a food shop on a budget (we have give him money each week to budget his own food) as well as all those other thing you teach them, so we have done all we can. He just has to get on with it and work hard so scary isn't it? not just for us but for them too!

So my Angel baby is off to fly hi all alone lol we are at the end of the phone but we can't go running up to London if something goes wrong every five minuets. Any way enough of my mother hen flapping around here is some journaling hope you like it and I hope you have had a much more serine week end than I have lol. Love Dawn xx

Saturday, 3 September 2011

There's a hole in my page!

Hello every one I hope your having a wonderful weekend ;0) The Inspiration for this was found from Christy's art geeks on the Wild Precious group I bought some roses this year and was looking forward to growing them so this challenge was particularly nice. Christy had drawn the roses and suggested cutting through a journal page then putting the roses on the other side to. So here goes I thought for the first time I cut a large heart through the page transferred a Victorian woman in to the page after colouring the back ground with my trusty neo's Then drawing a thought bubble with the hopes of my new growing roses experience. 

And on the reverse side you can see the heart and more of the roses through the heart only coloured differently. Again I used neo's as back ground and then doodled more roses And stuck on a previous butterfly I had created among them with a wee bit of journaling. I found it very enjoyable I wonder if you have cut holes through a journaling page before? Well I enjoyed my first time, thank you for stopping by to have a look and share your experiences. Dawn xx

And here is a photo of how one of the roses turned out, I have six blooming bushes and I have really enjoyed the scents and colours just as I hoped ;0) Dxx

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Journal Journey's Ch03

Hello and good morning to you all where ever you may be ;0) Well can you believe it's September already? The months are flying by and already there is talk of the C word (Christmas) Stop! I don't want to face that so early please! ;0) All the children will be back at school any day now, so your really excited or really sad. Some will be going off to big school and others, school for the first time it's all too much for us mothers. One of my babies is off to university so we will all be traveling from Manchester to London to drop him off. Sad but happy moment. Any way enough natter from me. I hope September is good to you ;0) And what of this months Journal Challenge?

This month I would like you to think of:-


I do hope you are going to have fun with this, I would like you to add an inclusion (something stuck to the middle of a spread that you can see both sides of when turned over) or a tag. Here is a little inspiration from me below.

I went a little mad lol So, have any of you done this before? If not don't be put off. I have added a large tag which I put a list on & decorated and just use some clear sticky tape, then I have used two smaller tags and also attached with some clear tape. There are wonderful tapes that are on the craft market or you can just use electrical tape, sew it in or even use glue. I hope to see lots of variety this month as it's a technique!  It would be so nice if you could add my button to your blog to spread the word so others can come and play too ;0) Love Dawn xx

The winner of the fairy book from last months fairy challenge was Joanne please e-mail me Joanne.

Please remember to include a link to your post not just your blog and also a link in your post to my blog thank you Dxx