Tuesday, 13 September 2011


My Son is now settled in Uni halls in London. After a very long drive some misunderstandings with payments and general scary moments my son is now settled and I am now free to think about my art again. So I hope to be playing again soon ;0) I don't think I have shown this before and if I have I appologise but I really wanted to show some art and after the goings on of this week end 'Mileage' seemed to be appropriate lol. Gosh and I have I done some this week end. Not just driving mileage but emotional mileage too! It was like him being four years old again going off to school for the first time only this time it's he is an young adult and over 200 miles away. I know he is prepared for the living alone. He knows how to use a washing machine and cooker, get a food shop on a budget (we have give him money each week to budget his own food) as well as all those other thing you teach them, so we have done all we can. He just has to get on with it and work hard so scary isn't it? not just for us but for them too!

So my Angel baby is off to fly hi all alone lol we are at the end of the phone but we can't go running up to London if something goes wrong every five minuets. Any way enough of my mother hen flapping around here is some journaling hope you like it and I hope you have had a much more serine week end than I have lol. Love Dawn xx


~*~Patty S said...

aw giving our children wings is essential and so difficult all wrapped in one

our baby graduated from college (4 yrs away) and has moved back home for the time being...deciding the next step in life

so eventho they go away...they can still come back ;)

hope you enjoy your empty nest as much as possible dear Dawn
p.s. wonderful layered mileage creation!!!

Cheryl said...

oh hun know were you are coming from hun it is really scarey,sure he will be fine,as for your page hun its brilliant just love the colors,and detail on this ,super work hun hugs cherylxxx

craftytrog said...

A beautiful page Dawn! I hope your son settles in well, not looking forward to my daughter going off in a couple of years time!
Alison xx