Thursday, 21 July 2011

Elements class wk 03 Air

Hello journal peeps ;0) have you missed me? I have been commenting on all your wonderful works even if I haven't been posting much so I hope you haven't really had chance to miss me too much lol. I am loving the Elements Class with Effy although my other digi class is suffering. However I have them recorded and will catch up in my own time so I don't miss out ;0) this is very cool. 

So this week is all about Air believe it or not lol. It's because of the written exercises we do and what we take from them, what resonates with us and from that what we journal about. I discovered I work well to deadlines, there for I should set more time specific goals if I want to get more things done. Which I was pleased to find out, although I kind of new this I never thought in putting it into practice to help me do things to benefit my self more. And we all find it hard to be selfish I am sure, as mothers, wives, sisters etc we all want to be there for others. But this course is teaching me how to be better there for my self. It really is a revolution to me and I am going to have to try and put some of the things I am learning into practice. And hopefully not only will I benefit but by default others will to ;0)  Oh you still have over a week to play along with my new monthly journal challenge HERE. I have hit 50 followers how cool, *big smiles* thank you for your continued support. Love Dawn xx


Gina said...

Fabulous page Dawn!! I totally get what you mean about making time work for ourselves. Most of my time is taken up doing are waiting for others! I have become really protective of any time I get to myself, though I find I spend most of that trying to decide what to do 1st haha!:D XXX

Gina said...

Just spotted the Sketchbook tour thingy in your sidebar....mmmmmm V interesting! :D XXX

Karen said...

When I was diagnosed with CFS I was told that have to be more selfish but its really hard as a wife & mother to do that at first. Now I have come to terms with the idea it really helps my symptoms :-D

Very interesting topic to journal & you did it well xxx

Coleen said...

Hi Dawn,

Looks like you are having a good time with this Elements class. I was stopping by to see if you had a new challenge up. Does't appear to be unless I somehow missed it.

Lord bless your day, Coleen in Ukraine