Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A new Journal book

I have made a journal to record all my visits to the women of my church I make this year. Let me explain (Briefly) In our church we have partnerships to visit women in the church once each month. Each partnership has between 3-5 women to visit. That's a very brief explanation lol Any way I wanted to keep a record of all the needs and visits I made this year so I can look back and look forward so I don't forget B'days of them or their children I hope this helps my terrible memory in some way.

Here is an idea what the inside is like I have the months of the year in and their names, addresses, birthdays  etc. And I have made each page on the right hand side special to write on. I hope you like. this Love Dawn xx

P.S. I will be starting my Monthly Journal Challenge for you to join in again in March if you would like to take part again Love Dawn xx


Gina said...

Hi Dawn :D Was beginning to worry about you, It sounds like you were very busy with your church group over the Christmas period. Hope to see more of your creations soon :D XXX

Karen said...

Hello my lovely! Lovely little book for your records :-D Sounds like your church has a close community.

PLEASE lets have more Journal Journeys, I love them so count me in!!! xxx

Coleen said...

Hi Dawn, Thanks for stopping y my blog. Been thinking about you lately and wondering if you were still doing the challenges and then read here you are starting them again in March.

Cute kitty pix,

Coleen in Ukraine

~*~Patty S said...

Hello there Dawn

I've missed you.

your church visit journal is surely a book of Love and Caring!

Sending all good wishes your way!

Artyjen said...

I'm full of good intentions....will do my best to play along ;)
Your journal is a lovely way to record your visiting year.
xoxo Sioux

Coleen said...

What a lovely idea in this journal Dawn. It certainly will be a fond memory of this time. You should add an occasional snapshot.
And welcome back to blogland, we missed you.

Coleen in Ukraine

craftytrog said...

Your little book is a lovely idea Dawn, as are the church visits you'll be recording.
Hope to be joining in your challenges when they restart, have missed you hun! Hope all is well with you.
Alison x