Friday, 8 March 2013

Summer night City

Well when I did this at the begining of the week it was SO sunny (cold but sunny) all my bulbs in the front garden are beginning to make an appearance, Spring is here I thought. Yes, well that lovely sun didn't last so long now did it, but the comforting thing is, that it will be back :) I changed everything up for this Diary page. This is based on the song 'Summer night City' - ABBA You can see with the weather why this song came to mind.

I asked hubby what song he thought this represented he said 'Hot in the City' - Billy Idol.  Which is also a great track. It's become a game for us now, when I do a page he has to guess ;) Good guess but he never was really a big ABBA fan. I remember dancing in the disco in my teens and this is one of  the songs that was a floor filler. Any way I got some glossy paper and some alcohol inks out to make the back ground. Then, took some scraps of black card and a yellow & white pencil. Very quick page and totally different for me. But it was still fun, playing with alcohol inks listening to AbbA again *smiles*. Wonder what song I will go for next? Any suggestions? Dxx


~*~Patty S said...

your city page is fun Dawn with a beautiful background!

I put Mr Magpie on the hot seat sometimes asking the "what do you see", but I really get him when I ask "how does this make you feel" ;)... he is a good sport and how nice it is to have supportive partners isn't it!

Spring is coming, our daffodils and crocus will be getting VERY chilly again in the next few days, luckily they are hardy

Coleen said...

Nice page, Dawn. I like those songs too. Isn't it fun how some things can bring back memories. I'm waiting for spring too. I think where you are is much like here, little sun in winter. Hope all is well in your world. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.
Lord bless your day,


froebelsternchen Susi said...

this is stunning Dawn! looks great!
happy weekend

Laura Moore said...

Just took a quick peek at all your blogs. What a talented lady your are. Loved your cityscape and creating to music. Btw it would fit any New York song too, past or presnt.

Lorraine said...

lovely page happy ppf

Adrienne Rose said...

This is great Dawn! I love the sunset behind the cityscape, wonderful!