Saturday, 24 March 2012

Home ;0)

Hello, what does Home mean to you. Here is where this spread came from. My thoughts on what home means to me. I have been playing in my A4 Journal. I fell in love with the back ground colours, they feel so warm/hot. I doodled a bit up the sides, I really enjoy doing this now and again.

The one thing about home I always said to my boys is that you will always be safe here and you will know your loved. Family is important to me I think much more about it now than I did when I was younger it's become even more important  to me as I grow older I hope That my boys will take these things to their homes when they settle. Hope you are having a good day as well. Love Dawn xx


Karen said...

Fabulous pages my lovely! You are right...we find that 'home' and 'family' is more important as we get older. xxx

Gina said...

The white houses against the burnt orange looks stunning, and the doodling is just superb :D XXX