Thursday, 26 May 2011

Self Love

Hello and good morning people. I have been thinking about starting a positive affirmation/spiritual journal I really like the thought of having a book full of positive things about me (we know all the negative off by heart don't we?) I have to get a journal for it so I thought I would have a play and see how I would start. I am quite proud of this more drawing cool I am watching lots of you tube videos and there are lots of really helpful blogs on my list, if you want to have a good nosey round. We're all here to help & inspire aren't we? ;0) This is actually for a group I belong to called Wild & Precious There are many groups within to join I join two of the many first I joined 52 Pages love this, you can see in my previous post what I created last week for 52 pages & Wild & Precious Art Journaling. They have a title/affirmation to follow each week Last week was 'Regenerate' and this week is 'Self Love' And I had a ball creating this. I will have more from this group next week as I just love what am am being inspired to do.

They are also having an on line course soon (July) if you want to learn more about this and maybe getting a FREE place you can click HERE There is also a link in my side bar if you would like to join the group. I only go on about it because this is a really great group to belong to. (although I am a newbie my self ;0) OK I think I have said enough, back to the art ;0) I have taken a couple of close ups so you can see in more detail (don't look to close I am only learning) So will you be having a go over the week end maybe? don't forget to let me know what you're doing crafting wise. I would love to come have a look. Love Dawn xx


Scatter said...

Hi Dawn, I'm a newbie at this too. Looks like we'll be bumping into each other often. I'm also at Wild Precious, and Willowing!
I'm having a blast too. Who'd a thought I'd end up on this journey at my age! :D

Melodie said...

GREAT job on your portrait and pages! I will have to go over to You Tube to see about drawing faces.

Stephanie said...

So pretty Dawn. I did one toooo!

~*~Patty S said...

Lovely to find you here dear Dawn...I think positive affirmations are beautiful and healing and incorporating them into an art journal will be magical!!!

Anonymous said...

I like that picture very much. I also am going to check out the link.


BeaUtiful job, my're such an artist and it must be so relaxing to forever be creative! Thank you for your lovely visit and generous comments! Come again!

lori said...

Well Dawn, I am sorry to hear about your July operation! I will be praying for a quick recovery. I still do not have a blog created yet. It's a slow process for me since I am at work for one more week and then off for the summer months. Hopefully I will be able to get it together then. I have been Journaling and sketching daily and have some fun sketches and pages I have added to my journals. Love the latest pages you have been sharing. I really like your use of color. <3