Thursday, 14 April 2011

Calender Journal

Hello and welcome to my new blog for journalling. Journalling is something I have wanted to do for some time. However, after seeing every ones I thought this was way beyond little ol' me :0) but January came and with that lots of journalling calenders began to appear. I am going to share my 'Journalling Journey' with you I am an absolute beginner. I will not only be doing calender journals but others to I hope you will join me and if there are lots of experienced journal book people out there, please feel free to share a comment or two :0) and maybe some links that you may feel we beginners may benefit from. So here goes nothing, my pages from Jan-April 2011.

So we are now up to date with my calender journals. And these are my first attempts. I hope to show May's soon with April full and not blank as it is now. Why not get started with journalling it really is fun. Love Dawn xx


Gez said...

Good luck with your journaling journey Dawn ♥ Looking forward to coming along with you :)
Your pages are gorgeous & inspiring. Hope April is nice for you. Best wishes, Gez.xx

Freenie Belle said...

Love the calendar pages. Will love to follow your Blog on journaling. I keep an art journal and a writing journal. I use a Moleskin for the writing. Do you know they have a Moleskin with watercolor paper that would be great for an art journal?

Pam Carriker at "The Speed of lIfe" has a section on making a handmade journal from a large sheet of watercolor paper.
Sue Bleiweiss: great book maker

Art Journaling Books:
Diana Trout (Playful Paper Backgrounds)
Dawn Sokol (Art Journaling:Pages in Stages)
Cathy Johnson (Artist's Journal Workshop)


Freenie Belle said...


Another oops! on my part. I was signing up to follow your Blog and my photo is on there twice. Maybe you can fix this...not sure what I did.


Freenie Belle said...

I was able to get the other photo off.

Gez said...

Dawn I have the Moleskine Folio Watercolour Notebook A4 with a's great & can recommend it too..xx
Moleksine make a whole range of sizes of watercolour journals available from

Anesha said...

Great pages!

Julia Dunnit said...

Well done Dawn..nothing like jumping in - bet you're really pleased with the beautiful pages you've created - and more so - the journalling!

Dawn said...

Thank you every one this really has made me smile that you have decided to join in the fun

Love Dawn xx

Sheila MJ said...

Love your pages - fab green colour for April.

thekathrynwheel said...

Wow, your calendars are really great, thanks for joining the challenge. Good luck with your art journal - looks like you have made a great start :-)