Thursday, 4 August 2011

Texture Paste

Well it's very warm here, although the rain has come it's so warm and muggy, but with a shower and windows open all  over the house ' I will survive' as the great Gloria Gaynor once said lol. I have been playing with my texture paste, stencils and  colour wash sprays again, bliss! I bought some of this TP ages ago for something (I forget what) any way I was at the wild precious ning group (link on my side bar) and came across a new  free group. and Christy was using this TP and so I thought i would play around with it too. Oh so easy and really effective don't you think?

Here's a wee close up for you. I have also used some lace, you can see it down the centre of the book under the inclusion. On the back of the eyes I have written the instructions of this technique, so as to remember to use it again in the future. The new group within Wild Precious is called Christy's Art Geeks Another FREE group. Lots of fun techniques going on here, so pop along and have a nosy. I do hope you will come back soon. Thank you for those who are putting the Blog button on their blogs. And you can also get to this months challenge through pressing the button on the side, I do hope you will join in and don't forget there is a little gift this month to. Love Dawn xx

This is the latest member of our family ;0) DUKE isn't he adorable? This lovely character came in to our life a couple of weeks ago. James mum had got him and finding out she was pregnant again decided it would be too much (some people really don't think long term) any way she asked us if we new any one (having many pets of our own) Michael just had to have him. we have the room, all our boys are leaving us sniff sniff and so here is Duke along with Lola our other rescue dog and the seven cats we have. (three rescue and 4 kittens) so I think we are full for a while at least lol I hope you will welcome him as we do. Love Dawn xx


Gina said...

Gorgeous page, and super cute puppy :D Look forward to seeing all the new "texturing" techniques he is going to show us haha! Only joking, I'm sure he is going to be a perfect little angel :D XXX

Jill said...

Been really loving looking through your blog.

I used Fibre Paste on my Earth page on WP for the body. I love all of the texture making things out there.

Duke is sooo cute!! And I love your cats on the sidebar. i had 2 but lost them both last year.



Faye said...

Beautiful use of TP, and that is new to me. Great look you got with it. And Duke is so cute. I'm sure he'll grow up to be a wonderful member of your obviously loving family. You have a big heart to take in the unwanted pets.

Coleen said...

Lovely what you did with the tp and the doilie. I use them too.
The cutie of a dog looks like a Staffordshire Terrier????
Blessings on your day Dawn.

Coleen in Ukraine