Saturday, 23 February 2013

Is family important?

This sentiment just came to me and I went with it, if you think of family History (family tree) this is really true. I think family is Really important. They make us who we are in some ways, What we teach our children now this is what we give to the future. So we best make it good lol It's alot of responsibility when you think about it.

I really liked the paint stamping of one word. I wanted in the back ground I do this alot but in this case it felt more important, both with the words and the clock because all make a difference to each element of family. Well this wasn't suppose to be a deep post but these journal pages really moved me and I felt my heart agree with the sentiment, so there you have it. Dxx


Gina said...

Gorgeous in it's simplicity AND complexity...just like all families :D XXX

Dawn said...

thanks Gina xx

NatashaMay said...

Love your journal entries. Great color combinations. :)

Anjas-Artefaktotum said...

Das gefällt mir auch sehr gut.