Monday, 2 September 2013

Journal Journey's Challenge 23

It's September! So the children will be back at school very soon and the happy routines can return. YAY! I will have so much more time for art. I have been immersed with the grandchildren a lot over the Summer if not on their own with Darling Daughter in tow as well, it's been exhausting but FUN! 

How much fun did we have with our Summer theme? So many of you joined in despite the Summer holidays and I am SO glad you did. We even had a few new faces which is always exciting. I am so pleased you came along for the journey. On to this months challenge. 

Gina is our GDT member for this month and she even picked the theme. Thank you Gina for being part of this journey Dxx


A close friend of Gina's had died and she wanted to celebrate her life by doing a journal page. What will this theme mean to you? You can go to so many places with this theme, from games to clothing, childhood memories. Anything is aloud as long as Childhood is the theme of your journal page you can use any media so make sure you have some fun playing in your journal at least once this month. This month our random GDT member is Claudia Hi hun I hope you can be our GDT member for the month of October please e-mail me.  

Here is Gina's wonderful art I hope it inspires you all to play this month. Leave your link to your post below. Have fun and get inky or painty or gluely lol just make a mess and have some fun in your journal. Love Dawn xx


Karin said...

wow beautiful pages!
Groetjes Karin

~*~Patty S said...

Lovely pages!
You have my wheels turning for your CHILDHOOD challenge...thank you ♥

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I love Gina's illustration of the boy. Blessings!

PiaRom said...

Love the theme and hopefully I have the time to play a bit with it, even if it is a lil sketch :) ♥ Conny

Anonymous said...

Lovely pages from Gina! Great theme Dawn! xx

Shilpa Nagaonkar said...

Hi Dawn, couldn't contribute in last two challenges. Just linked my art journal. Thanks so much for inspiration. It is a nice theme!

johanna said...

falls du das hier liest...
ich kann nicht mehr bei flickr kommentieren. yahoo lässt mich nicht mehr in die gruppen. weiß der geier was da wieder stattfindet, es nervt einfach!
wollte dir sagen: dein beitrag gefällt mir sehr gut!

i can´t comment on flickr any more. yahoo won´t let me into my groups anymore. i have no idea why...

Claudia N. said...

What a wonderful challenge theme! Loved creating a page for it! Thank you!

die amelie x

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